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Welcome to Jam Kancer In The Kan, the most unique and universally appealing fundraising platform around.

Based upon the popular game Kan Jam (, Jam Kancer In The Kan was created in 2014 by four friends whose lives had been ravaged by this disease. Desiring to help others avoid the pain they felt, they enlisted local friends & families to join their fundraising efforts and the annual Jam Kancer In The Kan Fundraising Tournament was born.

Since the event’s inception and the subsequent formation of the Jam Kancer In The Kan Foundation,  over $125,000 has been raised for Pediatric kancer care & research. In 2017, the movement was bolstered by the efforts of New York Islanders’ standout Anders Lee and his Kancer Jam event,which raised an additional $100,000 for children suffering from kancer. 

In less than 3 years, nearly $250,000 has been raised through backyard efforts. Moving forward, imagine what two or 10 or even 50 events can generate….all it takes are committed people, some space and a few kan jam sets. It’s that easy to make a difference in the life of a child.


Whether it’s to raise funds for a friend or family in need or a charity committed to helping those impacted by kancer, the Jam Kancer In The Kan Foundation Fundraising platform is a great way to rally a community and help those in need. To learn more, please e-mail us at


Together, we can Jam Kancer In The Kan.



The Jam Kancer In The Kan Foundation is a donor-advised fund operating under the umbrella of the Community Foundation of New Jersey. Tax-Id # 22-2281783

Here is a video of the Anders Lee Kancer Jam.  Imagine watching an NHL team play, and then minutes later hanging side-by-side with them, Jamming Kancer In The Kan.

Our thanks to Anders, his teammates, and the entire Islanders’ organization. Class from top to bottom.