Jam Kancer in the Kan


The history of “Kups”… KIDS HELPING KIDS

While their parents sat at the kitchen counter planning the first Jam Kancer In The Kan event, their children were nearby, playing. A short while later, one of the children produces a drawing and says ” We should have a Lemonade Stand and call it “Kups For Kancer”. The parents smile and continue planning Jam Kancer In The Kan, while the children sit feet away and begin planning what has become their own Fundraising event, Kups For Kancer.

Each year, our children plan and stage their own town-wide “Kups For Kancer” lemonade stand. Partnering with local businesses and promoting their efforts through their schools, sports leagues and other groups, our “Junior Jammers” take shifts staffing the “Kups” stand. In the 3 years since it was born, the Kups For Kancer initiative has raised over $25,000.00 for Pediatric Kancer research & care.

If you are looking for a great way to augment your fundraising efforts while joyfully watching kids helping other kids, Kups For Kancer is a great way to go.