Jam Kancer in the Kan
At first, it was simply because Kan Jam spells Kan with a "K", and we thought it'd be a catchy gimmick. It then became a matter of principle. Kancer doesn’t respect us, it doesn't ask our permission, it just invades our bodies,disrupts our lives and puts us through hell. So, we refuse to show it any respect by properly spelling its name.
We believe that any platform that is used to raise money for the fight against this disease is a great one. We believe that what sets ours apart is the sense of community at our Kancer Jam events.This is communal grassroots fundraising in its simplest form. Many charities organize golf tournaments, 5k runs, long distance bike rides, etc. Those are all great, but if you don't play golf, aren't a runner or can't ride for distance, or you're not the right age, you can't participate. We're inclusive- most anyone can throw a frisbee. We've had kids as young as 5 and adults as old as 75 compete in our Kancer Jams. We can be played indoors or outdoors, and compared to golf tournaments or races, our events are inexpensive to produce. All you need are a few committed people and some space.
Our daughters were classmates, and the girls were missing each other during the summer and were invited along with their families to a pool party. While the kids all knew each other, many of the parents there were meeting for the first time. The adults just sat quietly and made polite conversation. It was kind of boring! Asked if anyone had ever played Kan Jam, the answer was no. An hour after running home to get a set, the same people who were ignoring each other and making polite conversation were high-fiving and talking smack to one another. That was the moment we knew that this had potential to be something much bigger.
Word of mouth.We began telling other parents at our kids soccer games. Most of the time we had to explain what Kan Jam was. Eventually we had 24 teams enter the tournament and their fundraising minimum was $100. The funny thing is, we have become very close friends with people we met at our first Kancer Jam. While the four of us were planning the first events, our kids were playing together nearby. One of them drew a sketch and approached us and said, “Let's have a lemonade stand and call it ‘Kups For Kancer.’ Soon enough our kids were passing fliers around at school. That raised a lot of awareness, and the first Kups for Kancer lemonade stand raised over $1,500. Now, it has become a staple of our local fundraising efforts. Our "Junior Jammers" run it each and every year and on its own, Kups has raised nearly $40,000. It teaches our kids the importance of activism, of doing something selfless for someone else. We’re developing the next generation of Jammers every year.
The Jam Kancer In The Kan Foundation Fund was established in 2016. It is a donor-advised fund operated under the umbrella of The Community Foundation of New Jersey. The Tax ID # for the CFNJ is 22-228 1783. All donations made to our fund are tax-deductible.
Yes. We welcome groups of any and all sizes to join us in Jamming Kancer In The Kan. Schools, companies, sports leagues and teams, groups of friends interested in honoring loved ones, all are welcomed. Sadly, everyone is affected by kancer in one way or another, and this is a great way to help those battling this vile disease. Please e-mail us at info@jamkancerinthekan.com to learn how you too can become a Jambassador.
The Jam Kancer in The Kan Foundation fund will direct proceeds from your Kancer Jam events to the charities of your choosing.