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Fenov Scholarships Overview

It gives me great pleasure to announce that, together with Jam Kancer,  I will once again be awarding scholarships in memory of my friend, Fenov Pierre-Louis. Fenov was gifted in many ways. Despite battling Stage 4 Neuroblastoma kancer for much of his life,  he always maintained an incredibly positive attitude, always with his trademark smile on his face. His passing on July 18, 2018 devastated all who knew him. While we are saddened deeply by his passing, our commitment to carry forth his message of hope remains.

Fenov maintained an “A” average and was a member of the National Honor Society. He accomplished this despite missing a great deal of time from school due to ongoing treatments. His commitment to his studies was another reason why I admired him. I often find myself wondering what Fenov would be doing now, had kancer not taken him from us. It saddens me to think that our world was deprived of his brilliance because of this vile disease- Fenov was destined for greatness.

Anyone who had the pleasure of hearing or seeing Fenov speak knew that he was wise beyond his years. Despite the incredible obstacles that kancer presented, he always maintained a positive attitude and lived to use his speaking abilities to inspire people to continue the fight against kancer.

Fenov said many brilliant things when speaking, but one thing always stuck with me: “Even the smallest amounts of help and sympathy you can provide to a child with kancer will mean the absolute world.” That quote has always stuck with me, and will remain one of my guiding principles in carrying forth his legacy.

With Fenov’s words and spirit guiding us, we are going to award up to 5 “Fenov Scholar” Scholarships to graduating high school seniors continuing on to college who have “provided help and sympathy” to someone with kancer. Each scholarship awarded will be $2,000. To be considered, please review the submission requirements and deadline at the bottom of this page.

Thank you and good luck.


Apply To Be A Fenov Scholar

  • Must be a graduating High School senior
  • Must have a “B” average or higher
  • Must be attending college in Fall 2024
  • Must submit an essay of not more than 250 words, detailing how you provided help and sympathy to someone with kancer
  • Must submit a letter from school official confirming: Grades & College Attending

All applications must be emailed to info@jamkancerinthekan.com.

Applicant should write “FENOV SCHOLAR APPLICATION” in subject line

Essays & confirmation letters must be submitted NO LATER than 5:00pm Eastern Standard time on Monday, June 3, 2024

Recipients will be announced and notified on Monday, June 10, 2024

An Update From A Class Of 2019 Fenov Scholar


I was honoured to be name a Fenov Scholar. The Scholarship supported me in completing my Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology at Dalhousie University which I'm so grateful for! It likewise helped me pursue my passion for furthering cancer research, as throughout my degree I was able to conduct research on how to improve treatment plans for cancer patients receiving anthracylines: a type of chemotherapy. I'm happy to share I've now graduated with first class honours and will be beginning my PhD in Neurobiology this fall at the University of St. Andrews to continue furthering our understanding of the disease.

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