Westfield Girls Flag Football Kancer Jam

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The Westfield PAL Girls Flag Football program is thrilled to partner with and support the Jam Kancer in the Kan Foundation. "Jam Kancer" is a local grassroots charity organization founded in Scotch Plains in 2014. Its mission is to raise funds for families affected by "kancer" by staging "Kancer Jam" events based on the popular backyard game Kan Jam. These Kancer Jam events have taken place in local communities, as well as multiple National Hockey League cities and arenas. Jam Kancer is committed to bringing groups of people together in a fun and inclusive way to help others dealing with a cancer diagnosis, while teaching the value of giving back. Since its inception in 2014, Jam Kancer has raised nearly $1.8 million.
In addition to Kancer Jam events, their child-led "Kups for Kancer" Lemonade stand initiative has raised over $54,000.00. Led by "Junior Jammers," these lemonade stands teach children the value of coming together to help others, not unlike the Westfield PAL Girls Flag Football program. The GFF program encourages teen support and community outreach in its Inaugural Season. Teaching kindness, compassion and supporting others is a goal both organizations embrace, and we are looking forward to helping local families in our community by working together to Jam Kancer In The Kan!
Start Time
09:00 AM
Saturday, October 01, 2022
Finish Time
11:00 PM
Tuesday, November 01, 2022
Westfield, New Jersey

How the Jam Kancer In the Kan Foundation helps our local community members:

Relieve Financial Burden

We have delivered checks to help the financial burden a diagnosis brings immediately.

Deliver Family Meals

We have delivered Thanksgiving dinners so families can still gather with less stress.

Deliver Holiday Gifts and Gift Cards

We have delivered Holiday gifts and gift cards for families who don’t have the money or strength to fulfill wish lists on their own.

Once in a Lifetime Experiences

We have delivered once in a lifetime experience to help fade the trauma that cancer brings to our younger friends.

Community Support!

But maybe most importantly, we have delivered a community of people who will always be available to help with anything big or small
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